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    Bojack Horseman Intro (a netflix adult swim type show)


  2. treebarking33:

    Bojack horseman is so fucking good. A show about characters experiencing the psychological effects of the modern consumerist celebrity culture in LA. A show hilariously funny yet also hauntingly deep in existential philosophical content. So great, extremely smart show, watch it.

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    In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall

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    "Dont put stuff in my butt if you want it back!"
    Same BoJack, same


  5. So I binge watched Bojack Horseman in one night.


    Things I am currently doing/thinking

    -having an existential crisis
    -seriously like holy shit this is a good show
    -you forget that it’s a talking horse…I can’t explain it but you just FORGET
    - I’m not going to say I ship Bojack and Diane….because I feel that word doesn’t do it justice
    - I relate, literally, to every single character in this show.
    - I went in thinking it was a comedy, and came out thinking it was a drama.
    - God…how the fuck does this show actually tell me things that are true in life?
    - I freaked out at the end, half crying my eyes out because they played Tegan and Sara for the end credits and for some reason it made me cry harder because that song makes me feel things.
    - It’s like Archer…but not. Way, way deeper than Archer.
    - BoJack’s drug trip was phenomenal.
    - So. Many. Amazing. Voice. Actors.
    - The continuity for some reason BLOWS MY MIND. Like it’s so weird watching an animated show that remembers what happened last episode
    - I really really wish [they] never hooked up…like so bad Jesus Christ that bothered me
    - Poor. Fucking. Bojack.
    - I cannot wait until season 2

  6. showmesomethingugly:

    I made this because I finished episode 11 of Bojack Horseman today, and it’s my fucking jam.

    Seems like half of my friend circle worked on in some capacity, and I really need to give this show a recommendation; and not just because half of my friend circle worked on it (or because they deftly dropped a Death Grips track in one episode).

    I really feel like the series hasn’t gotten a fair shake critically, with a pretty middling reception so far. Word is that Netflix sent out only the first six episodes for critical previews. Terrible move on their part. The show’s a pretty slow burn, but I feel like Netflix is really trusting that most of the audience will be binge-watching, which gives the series leeway for more consistent, deliberately-paced continuity than anything else in its class.

    The bread-crumbing approach is probably to blame for the mixed reception; only making it to episode 6 means you’re passing judgment before the show starts displaying its true colors. Bad for marketing, but it’s a really brilliant asset for the show in my eyes. The main character’s dysfunction seems like just a well for one-off gags in the first few episodes, but in simple terms, eventually shit gets real, and it’s very well-earned. The humor and the cultural commentary get sharper, the characterizations grow deeper, and I’m at the point where it’s all come to a really impressive head.

    Seeing how this arose from what appeared to be some pretty thinly-written opening episodes has been like watching a magic trick unfold; “Here I’m fiddling with some brightly-colored foam balls, oh what’s that? Oh look, I’m making that elephant levitate.” Imagine watching Kid Notorious for a few episodes, then discovering that you were actually watching Mad Men this whole time.

    If any of you were interested in it, but jumped ship after the few first episodes, at least get to the end of 11 before casting judgment; you owe it to yourself. Kudos to all of you who worked on the show so far. Here’s hoping it comes back and keeps on the upward trajectory.

    Pretty much all of this. Except, I started enjoying it from about the second episode. It’s definitely a slow burn though. The continuity alone is something that most ‘real’ shows can’t manage.

    The show is definitely weird, but a good weird, that everyone should give a chance.

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    On your left..


    this is rather sad.

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    Watching “The Amazing Spiderman 2”, and I noticed that the graphics team that made up this YouTube page gave this guy an average of about 150,000 views per video (based on the ones on the screen), but only gave him 2 subscribers.