1. danielkanhai:

    how many muggle born kids showed up at hogwarts like, “i get you’re into magic and don’t get me wrong, magic is awesome, but please don’t try and tell me quills and inkwells make more sense than pencils. i realize you have an aesthetic going, but admit it’s that. admit it’s just for looks.”

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  2. jasonfnsaint:

    Louis C.K. with incredible accuracy on how I feel about children.

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  3. breakfast-with-satan:

    Chandler’s sarcasm is my favorite thing ever

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  5. asian:

    Go home bus you’re drunk

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  7. thesmellofcoffeeinthemorning:


    there’s a ten year old boy in my high school honors math class who speaks six different languages.

    you shitheads think im fucking with you look at this little genius.
    image like what even image look at him discussing with our teacher and shit she has more respect for that child than me im so jealous of his like everything. image are you smarter than a fifth grader? image no I’m fucking not.

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  9. think-progress:

    Republicans just tried to repeal Obamacare for the 50th time!

    In other (old) news, Barack Obama has a cool as fuck signature.

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