1. Took some more photos. 

  2. Doing that gif thing again.

  3. Because Scotland can be awesome. 

    (Roseisle Beach - photo by Allan Gray)

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    Canada, we seem nice, but we’re hella into anal

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  6. Easier said than done

    Last night, I attempted to change my flights from the end of August to the start of December. 

    I went onto the site and selected the new dates and flights that I wanted. Clicked OK. Then was faced with a pop-up telling me I had to call a number for it to go through. 


    I called up, and selected the numbers I figured were the numbers I should be selecting and ended up with an indian call centre. 

    "Hi, I’m looking to change my flight itinerary, I was told I had to call this number?"

    "I’m sorry, sir. This is the wrong department for your request, but I can forward you to the correct one. Hold on, sir."

    Cue more Vivaldi hold music. Then, straight into an answer machine. 

    I left a message after the beep, and hung up. 

    I then tried again, selecting a different combination of numbers from the automated thing. 

    "Hello, how can I help?"
    "Hi, I’m looking to change my flight itinerary, I was told I had to call this number?"
    "…and you already have a cruise booked with us, that you’d like to change?"
    "No. Flight."
    "Ah, sorry. This is the wrong department, but I can forward you to the correct one. 
    "OK, thanks."

    I was half expecting the answer machine again, but no. Instead, I got the automated thing I had got when I called in the first place.

    I hung up. 

    I then took to twitter, tweeting the customer care handle of the company. 

    They got back to me today. First with a tweet, then with a DM, then with an email, before calling me and after confirming what I needed, put me through to another person. 

    After speaking to 4 people on the phone, leaving one voicemail, tweets/DMs, and email. 

    The flights were finally changed. 

    Never again.


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    If a dead ancestor doesn’t appear in the sky to stop me, it can’t be that bad of a decision

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